1,4-Butanediol monovinyl ether

- Mar 06, 2019-

fluorine resin as the main film-forming material coating, also known as Fluorine carbon paint , Fluorine coatings , fluorine resin coating and so on. In a variety of coatings, fluorine resin coatings due to the introduction of fluorine elements of large electro-negative, carbon fluoride bond can be strong, with a particularly superior performance. Weatherability, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, but also has a unique non-viscous and low friction. After decades of rapid development, fluorine coatings in the construction, chemical industry, electrical and electronic industry, machinery industry, aerospace industry, household goods in various fields have been widely used. Become a secondary acrylic coating, polyurethane coating , Silicone Coatings and other high-performance coatings, the highest comprehensive performance of the coating brand. At present, the application of a wide range of fluorine resin coatings are mainly PTFE,PVDF,Peve and other three major types.

1.  Product Name:  1,4-Butanediol monovinyl ether 

2.  CAS No.:    17832-28-9         EINECS  No.:241-793-5

3. Structure Formula

4.MF:      C6H12O2,                  MW:116.16


MP                                                  -33℃

BP                                                  95 °C20 mm Hg(lit.)

Density                                           0.939 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Refractive index  n20/D                  1.444(lit.)

FP                                                   85 ℃

6.Quality spec



Premium grade

First grade


Transparent colorless liquid

Assay   % 



 moisture  %



7.Use:As chemical reagent, organic intermediate; for coatings, auxiliaries, plasticizers etc.

8.Packing: 190kgs/steel drum