Application field of epoxy resin

- Nov 22, 2018-

The excellent physical and mechanical properties of epoxy resins, the bonding properties with various materials, and the flexibility of their use are not available in other thermoset plastics. Therefore, it can be used in coatings, composites, castings, adhesives, molded materials and injection molding materials, and is widely used in various fields of the national economy.

1, paint. The application of epoxy resin in coatings accounts for a large proportion, and it can be made into various varieties with different characteristics and uses. The commonality: strong adhesion and small contraction force and thermal expansion coefficient. Excellent flexibility and electrical insulation properties. Good chemical resistance and stability. Water resistance and weather resistance are slightly poor. Therefore, epoxy resin coatings are mainly used as anticorrosive paints, metal primers, and insulating paints, but coatings made of heterocyclic and cycloaliphatic epoxy resins can be used outdoors.

2, adhesive. Epoxy resin has good adhesion to most materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, leather, ceramics, fiber, etc., only for a few materials such as polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, cellophane, etc. The joint strength is poor, so there is a universal glue. Epoxy adhesives are an important variety of structural adhesives.

3. Electronic and electrical materials. Due to the unique advantages of epoxy resin insulation shoes, high structural strength and good sealing performance, it has been widely used in the insulation and packaging of high and low voltage electrical appliances, motors and electronic components, and has developed rapidly. Mainly used for: casting of electrical and motor insulation packages; potting and sealing of electronic components and circuit components; electronic grade epoxy molding compound for plastic packaging of semiconductor components; epoxy laminated plastics in the field of electronics and electrical appliances.

4. Engineering plastic composite materials. Epoxy engineering plastics mainly include epoxy molding compounds and epoxy laminated plastics for high pressure molding, as well as epoxy foam plastics. Epoxy engineering plastics can also be regarded as a generalized epoxy composite material. Epoxy composite materials mainly include epoxy FRP and epoxy structural composites. Epoxy composite materials are an important structural and functional material in the high-tech fields of chemical engineering, aerospace, military and military.

5. Civil construction materials. Mainly used as anti-corrosion floor, epoxy mortar and concrete products, high-grade pavement and airport runway, and quick repair materials. Grouting materials, construction adhesives and coatings for foundation reinforcement.