Application of epoxy resin in the preparation of handicrafts

- Nov 16, 2018-

It is well known that epoxy resin has good operability and can be formed by various methods such as sticking, coating, watering, etc., and thus is a good material for preparing handicrafts. It can be used to bond shells, glass, pebbles and flannel to make it a variety of handicrafts; it can be used to place various plants and animals in a mold of a certain shape and watered into a specimen-like handicraft; it can also be watered In the mold, Buddha, animal and various kinds of jade, bronze and stone crafts can be made; it can also be used to seal photos and pictures on craft products; of course, epoxy resin paint can be used in glass and porcelain. Painting on the slate.

The epoxy resin adhesive formulation is very simple, and the 6101 epoxy resin (or 634 epoxy resin), the fatty amine curing agent, the talc powder, etc. can be made into a liquid or paste-like adhesive according to the bonding object. Epoxy coatings are also added with raw materials such as pigments and solvents to make them suitable for painting objects. The castable of the poured molding should be designed according to the transparency, color, softness, curing system and complexity of the mould.