Glutaraldehyde is an effective anti-virus agent

- Feb 01, 2018-

Glutaraldehyde (111-30-8) is an efficient disinfectant with broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, small metal corrosion, small impact on organic matter, good stability and so on. It is suitable for sterilization and sterilization of precision instruments for medical devices and wet bogey heat. Its sterilization concentration is 2%, the city sells Glutaraldehyde mainly: 2% alkaline glutaraldehyde and 2% strengthen acid glutaraldehyde two. Alkaline glutaraldehyde is commonly used in medical equipment sterilization, before use should be added to the appropriate amount of sodium bicarbonate, shake evenly, static 1 hours, the determination of ph value. When ph is 7.5-8.5, Glutaraldehyde has the strongest bactericidal effect.

Glutaraldehyde sterilization (111-30-8) is the role of its monomer, when the ph of the solution to 6, these monomers have the trend of polymerization, with the increase in the ph of this polymerization is very rapid, the solution can appear precipitate, the formation of polymers will lose bactericidal effect. Therefore, alkaline glutaraldehyde is a relatively unstable disinfectant, and the 2%-fortified acid glutaraldehyde is an intensified agent with polyoxyethylene fatty alcohol ether, which enhances the bactericidal effect of Glutaraldehyde. Its ph is less than 5, the killing effect of bacterial bud is weaker than alkaline glutaraldehyde, but the inactivation of the virus is stronger than alkaline glutaraldehyde, the stability is better than the alkaline glutaraldehyde, and can be used for 28 consecutive days.