Introduction of epoxy resin S184

- Jan 16, 2019-


Diglycidyl 1, 2-cyclohexanedicarboxylate

The product is equivalent to the  CY184  of  HUNTSMAN

CAS No.5493-45-8


This product has a saturated structure and excellent weather resistance. The finished product does not crack or yellowing, it generates carbon dioxide and water as electrically decomposition, unlike aromatic resins that generates graphite causing short circuit. The cured product has a large crosslink density and good toughness and resistance to UV and arc resistance. The resin possesses a good thermal stability, and Martin has a heat resistance of 82-108 ℃, tensile strength of 75.5-83.7, and flexural strength of 147-170. The product has also a low viscosity, good fluidity, and few or no organic solvent can be added at processing time. Due to the low chlorine content, it is suitable especially for insulating materials with a high electrical performance requirement, besides it has a good high temperature insulation, and strong resistance to arc and leakage marks. It can be cured by heating or lighting, and rapidly cured with a low shrinkage and large crosslinking density in the cured product, Tg> 200 °C.

The resin is mainly used in LED packaging, insulation potting, mold casting, metal surface bonding, adhesives, composite materials and light curing inks and coatings, etc..