Introduction of epoxy resin S186

- Jan 17, 2019-


Diglycidyl 4,5-epoxycyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxylate

The product is equivalent to the CY186 of HUNTSMAN

CAS No.25293-64-5



The product is a trifunctional epoxy resin that contains cycloalicyclic epoxy group and glycidyl group in its molecular structure, and it possesses the dual properties of bifunctinal cycloalicyclic epoxy group and glycidyl group, and also is known as mixed-type epoxy resin. Due to the presence of a highly reactive glycidyl group, its reaction activity is larger than that of the usual alicyclic epoxy resin. The product has a higher epoxy value, low viscosity, and good solubility together with a curing agent that may be aliphatic and aromatic amines, acid anhydrides and imidazoles. The cured product has a good thermal stability, the heat resistant temperature of Martin cured by isophthalic diamine is 185°C and by acid anhydride, 156°C. The resin has a good processing performance, and its cured products have features of resistance to high temperature with a high strength, high connectivity, etc. Its weather resistance, low temperature resistance and electrical insulation are also very good, and can be used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, electronics and other fields. The structural materials used in high-performance aircraft have been made from the carbon fiber, glass fiber composite materials of the epoxy. In the nuclear power industry, it is used in some parts with a certain special mechanical properties. The resin can be made to sports equipment with a high-strength and high elastic modulus, some large outdoor-frequency equipment with a resistance to high-temperature and high-pressure as well as some adhesives, solvent-free paints, insulation casting materials and encapsulation materials with a resistance to high temperature and so on. It is used in the preparation of high-temperature epoxy adhesive with a bond strength of 6 to 8 times higher than that of the E-type epoxy at 150℃ and the T-peel strength increases by 50% .