Introduction of epoxy resin UVR6100

- Jan 18, 2019-



The product is equivalent to the VCMX of DAICEL 

Ø                          UVR-6100 of DOW 

CAS No.106-86-5


The product can cause an addition, polymerization and other chemical reactions, is widely used in organic silicon additions, silane coupling agents, epoxy resins, epoxy-modified silicone oils, ink additives, water-based coatings, light emitting materials, electronic chip encapsulants, adhesives, synthetic flavors, microelectronics, pharmaceutical intermediates and other industries and fields. The product is a main film-forming substance and alicyclic thinner, has excellent adhesion to many substrates such as lids, plastic products, paper, circuit board electrical insulating materials; and is widely used in the cationic photo-curable coatings and ink system.