Method for producing vinyl ethers - acetylene method

- Sep 21, 2018-

The acetylene process belongs to a traditional process, which is prepared by reacting acetylene gas and alcohol in a high temperature and high pressure environment to produce a series of products. In order to improve the production efficiency of the acetylene process, it is necessary to solve the dangerous yield of acetylene gas explosion. The operation of high temperature and high pressure equipment is adapted to the requirements of industrial production at this stage. The industrial production process system has been continuously improved, and the theoretical research technology of the acetylene method has also been continuously improved. In the development of the industrial field, the structure of the raw material alcohol will affect the yield and purity of the carbon chain. The larger the purity carbon chain, the smaller the yield, the larger the steric hindrance and the smaller the yield. With the continuous development of catalyst technology, the process conditions technology has been continuously optimized, and catalyst technologies such as Zn, Cd, Ag salts and their oxides have been matured, but such technologies lack good activity and need to be combined with a certain pressure. In the preparation process of acetylene, the explosion limit of acetylene is wide, and explosion problems may occur during the operation. Therefore, the industrial field gradually uses CaC2 as a catalyst instead of directly using acetylene gas to form a vinyl ether compound. In the catalytic process, the distillation method is used to collect the vinyl ether compound, and the by-product has good stability, so the purity of the product is not affected.