Multiple effects of pvm/ma in oral nursing

- Feb 01, 2018-

Due to its unique carboxyl structure, PVM/MA has excellent acid and alkali buffering ability, which can maintain the relative stability of dental surface and oral mucosa ph.

Pvm/ma has a very strong chelate capacity, the chelating ability is several times the chelating agent such as sodium pyrophosphate, trisodium phosphate and phytic acid, which is often used in the toothpaste formula, and has sufficient data to prove that it can effectively chelate the pyrophosphate and alkali metal phosphatase, and inhibit the formation of the dental calculi.

Pvm/ma can increase the presence of active substances on the tooth surface, dissolve the insoluble ingredients, and improve the bioavailability of active substances.

Pvm/ma can effectively film on the surface of the teeth, and long time to block open root canal, the tooth surface protection, promote dentin growth, resist the aciddrink erosion, prevent tooth allergy.