CAS No.:111-30-8 Glutaraldehyde 50

- Aug 11, 2019-

1.  Product Name:    Glutaraldehyde,    

             Synonyms:    Pentanedial

2.  CAS No.: 111-30-8,                    EINECS:203-856-5

3.  Structure Formula:

4.  Molecular Formula: C5H8O2,                  MW:100.12

5.  Properties:
     It is colorless or yellowish bright liquid with slight irritating odor; soluble in water, ether and ethanol.
     It is active, can be easily polymerized and oxidized, and it is an excellent cross-linking agent for protein.
     It also has excellent sterilizing properties.

6. Quality spec:



Assay %         50


Transparent colorless liquid

pH Value


Specific gravity

1.127 -1.133

Color(Pt/Co)         Hazen  ≤

Methanol %        0.5

7. Use:

    It is widely used for oil production, medical care, bio-chemical, leather treatment, tanning agents, protein cross-linking agent; in the preparation of heterocyclic compounds;

    also used for plastics, adhesives, fuels, perfumes, textile, paper making, printing; corrosion prevention of instruments and cosmetics etc.