Considerations For The Use Of Glutaraldehyde

- Feb 01, 2018-

2% acid glutaraldehyde is corrosive to metal, 2% neuter glutaraldehyde is corrosive to carbon steel products such as knife blade, and 0.5% sodium nitrite antirust before use.
Glutaraldehyde sterilization effect by the ph effect, with acid or strengthen acid glutaraldehyde immersion medical equipment, should first use 0.3% sodium bicarbonate to adjust ph7.5-8.8. When the ph is more than 9.0, the rapid polymerization of Glutaraldehyde loses its bactericidal capacity.
2% Alkaline glutaraldehyde can be kept at room temperature for 2 weeks and the remaining dosage forms can be kept for 4 weeks.
Gloves should be worn when contacting the glutaraldehyde solution to prevent splashing into the eyes or inhaling the body.
The preparation of glutaraldehyde to use distilled water, the container of glutaraldehyde solution should be clean.
The equipment after disinfection or sterilization with glutaraldehyde must be fully rinsed and reused with sterilized distilled water.