Hubei Xinjing Headquarters Visit Our Jingzhou Plants

- Sep 09, 2019-

On September 6, the leadership and management and the staff of headquarters went to Hubei Jingzhou. On the morning, we visited the new plant which is expected to put into production at the end of 2019. The main part of factory building has been finished and 8 autoclaves installation also was completed successfully.

Hubei Xinjing new plant visit

Hubei Xinjing new plant

Then we and the staff of Jingzhou plant took group photos in front of old factory building. 

Hubei Xinjing headquarters and Jingzhou plant staff take group photo

Before the lunch, the leadership team used a address to call on staff in headquarters to learn from the plant. And we presented flowers and paid our respects to the staff of Jingzhou plant.

Hubei Xinjing leadership team gives speech

headquarters presented flowers to Jingzhou plant staff

Have a nice day!

Doris Liu