Preparation Method Of Acrolein

- Feb 01, 2018-

Catalytic air oxidation of propylene
Under the condition of reaction temperature of 310-470 ℃ and normal pressure, the propylene is oxidized directly with air under the presence of bismuth molybdate and bismuth molybdate, and then the finished product is distilled after the by-product acid is removed from the produced reaction product.

Industrial method of propylene, air and water vapor in a certain proportion of mixed with the catalyst into a fixed-bed reactor, in 0.1~0.2 MPa, 350~450℃ under the reaction, contact time 0.8 S, the reaction released heat recovery for steam production. The reaction-generated gas mixture is chilled to the water, and the exhaust from the quench tower is washed out unprecedentedly. From the bottom of the quench tower of the organic liquid into the stripper, steam proposed acrolein and other light components, and then use distillation to remove water and acetaldehyde from the coarse acrolein.

Glycerol Dehydration method
This method is made by laboratory method. The glycerol and potassium bisulfate, sulfuric acid, boric acid and aluminum trichloride are ℃ under the temperature 215-235, and the reaction-generated propylene aldehyde gas is steamed out and collected by condensation, and is coarse. The crude product plus 10% sodium hydrogen phosphate solution ph value to 6, fractionation, collect 50~75℃ fractions, namely obtained Acrolein fine.