Properties And Stability Of Glutaraldehyde

- Feb 01, 2018-

Glutaraldehyde can evaporate with steam. The purity of glutaraldehyde in more than 98% at room temperature can be kept unchanged for several days, but when the purity is low, it is easy to aggregate into insoluble vitreous. There are not many free states in aqueous solution of Glutaraldehyde, and many of them are different forms of hydrate, and most of them are annular structure hydrate. The high concentration glutaraldehyde was not easy to be preserved and the polymerization of 50% glutaraldehyde aqueous solution was not significant.

Pure colorless transparent oily liquid, usually in 25%~50% aqueous solution. Slightly irritating special flavor similar to metamorphic fruit, soluble in water (miscible), can be used in ethanol, ether and other organic solvents. This product is lively, easy to polymerization oxidation, and contains active oxygen compounds and nitrogenous compounds will react, and protein reaction is mainly carbonyl and protein molecules in the amino reaction, in the known aldehyde, this product is one of the best protein cross-linking agent. This product has excellent bactericidal performance, the activity of the enzyme has little effect, most enzymes can be fixed under the control condition, crosslinking without losing alive.