Three Mirrors' Keep You Safe

- Feb 22, 2019-

U.S. safety experts have analyzed 100 safety incidents.Among them, 88 cases were totally man-made, 10 cases were caused by unsafe conditions of people and things, and only 2 cases were caused by natural disasters.It can be seen that the vast majority of all kinds of safety accidents are caused by human factors.Therefore, we should strengthen the management of production safety and try our best to eliminate the possibility of accidents caused by human factors.

How to do the job well?It is an effective way to keep jianghan oilfield safe with "three mirrors", which is worth learning from.

1, with a magnifying glass to look at security, everyone wants to be safe.Each unit has signed the safety, environmental protection and fire protection responsibility letter, and each employee has signed the safety commitment letter to decompose the safety targets and indicators to the grass-roots level and even each employee.At the same time, we will increase publicity efforts, through the establishment of safety and family warning signs, the establishment of safety and environmental protection public service advertising, the preparation of safety learning materials and other ways, so that every employee deeply realize that safety first, safety responsibility is more important than mount tai.

2, with a microscope screening hidden dangers, everyone will be safe.According to the requirements of fine management, we should carefully carry out the investigation of "three violations", and use the "microscope" to investigate and deal with potential safety hazards.

3. Make measures with binoculars to ensure everyone can be safe.With the safety and environmental protection management system as the main line, constantly improve the safety management system, to ensure that each post and each type of work have rules to follow;On the other hand, focus on improving the implementation of rules and regulations, to ensure that the implementation of various management systems in place, in place, so that every employee will be placed under the umbre