Xingjing Has Successfully Passed The Pre-registration Of Eu REACH Regulation

- Feb 17, 2019-

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, AuthorizationandRestrictionofChemicals), refers to the chemical Registration, Evaluation, authorization, and restriction ", is the European

A European Union law on the preventive management of chemicals entering its markets requires companies to prove and register information about the safety of chemicals.

In June 2007, the REACH regulation came into effect.Solstice pre-registration will be implemented on June 1 and November 30 this year. Otherwise, solstice cannot enter the eu market.The regulation also stipulates that registered enterprises can only be

Existing natural persons and legal persons in the eu and non-eu enterprises cannot be registered directly.

Hubei province inspects quarantine bureau chief to express, REACH code coverage is wide, included almost all chemical and the downstream product such as textile, light industry, medicine, automobile.Wuhan customs statistics,

About 80 percent of the province's exports will be affected, involving more than 1,000 enterprises.

Last year, hubei exported us $1.86 billion to the eu, of which chemical and downstream products accounted for about 75 percent.